LASERTM Candidate Screening

Our LASERTM (LeadingTech Assessment, Screening, Examining, and Referencing) recruiting and candidate evaluation process matches the highest-quality candidates with the best opportunities and employer. Our process is tailored for each of our clients and ensures candidates benefit from a highly rewarding career while employers are matched with top-performers who possess the qualifications needed to excel in their organization.

  • Assessment

LeadingTech Staffing uses the DISC Personality Profile or alternate personality profile evaluation method as required by the client.  As the most widely used, validated and reliable assessment tool available, DISC simply measures four normal behavioral personality traits. The results help identify job positions that match the candidate’s personality and leadership style.

  • Screening

Extensive industry-specific experience provides understanding for the professionals at LeadingTech Staffing to assist in the creation of highly-focused interview questions, concentrate the search to identify the top candidates, and provide assistance with the final interview and hiring process.

  • Examination

LeadingTech uses online and proprietary comprehensive assessment tools.  Whether validated testing or custom examination, LeadingTech ensures each candidate meets the requirements of your position.

  • Reference and Background Checks

LeadingTech has access to provide state background checks and, if needed, nationwide criminal and background checks, and social security verification.

LeadingTech Reference Checks

At the client’s request, LeadingTech performs degree and previous employer verification.

Drug Screening

LeadingTech Staffing provides certified drug testing and further screening in accordance with your unique criteria.

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