Our Story

In 1985, a young mother of three set out to change the world, or at least a class of second graders! For the next thirty years, Debbie Berger would enjoy a successful career as an educator, inventor, author, and entrepreneur. Her implementation of phonics and reading programs, the invention of a patented handwriting assistive device, the design and development of educational games and the authoring of multiple children’s books has enriched the quality of life for hundreds of students and families.

Thirteen years earlier, welcomed by brisk December temperatures and the heightened anticipation of an adventurous career, a young college graduate cleared the security checkpoint at the Lexington Army Depot.  Today, more than forty years later, Jim Berger has garnered an award-winning career encompassing years of Government Civil Service, Department of Defense, Aerospace, Automotive, and Medical experience, including Secret security clearance to inspect United States Air Force surveillance and fighter aircraft.  Jim earned certification through the American Society for Quality as a Certified Quality Engineer, Certified Quality Auditor and Certified Manager of Quality/Organizational Excellence.

Combining a passion of equipping others to achieve their dreams along with a deep understanding of manufacturing processes, Debbie and Jim established Leading Tech Staffing. With more than sixty years of combined educational and organizational process and program experience, Leading Tech Staffing serves to enrich the lives of individuals and families, strengthening the marketplace and improving the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Empowering Talent.   Strengthening the Marketplace.